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Project Description
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(sorry, i'm a bit obsessed with the dark/light green theme...)
Stripes with Caustic boxes with Caustic tiletext with Caustic ??
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bumpSwirl another bumpSwirl star swirl herringbone with caustic
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rainbowRings with flower
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GUI Features

Images and Transforms can only be written in the F# source code and compiled, but images and transforms can have parameters varied at runtime and can be composed:
  • Selection of images and transforms (currently only one transform, but planned to be multiple)
  • Sliders to set parameters to the functions
  • Standard scale, rotate and translation sliders for pre- and post-transformed image
  • Button to Save image
  • Background rendering of successively higher resolution images up to four-times oversampled (antialiased)
  • 3D Images and transforms - using a marching cubes algorithm to plot an outline or iso-surface
  • Trackball to rotate 3D images
Planned features
  • Gallery feature to display multiple images, transforms or combinations of settings
  • Animation features to allow settings to be varied continuously - possible make this a screen-saver mode
  • Runtime editing and compilation of new images/transforms

Example Image Functions

For example, here's a Mandlebrot set in F#/Pan:

//an image is a function that takes a Point (x,y) and returns a bool or Color
let mandlebrot p =
	let rec checkMand z i =
		if i > 200 then black
		else if (distFromOrigin z) > 2.0 then
			intToColor i
			checkMand (addp (complex2 z) p) (i+1)  // recurse with z=z^2 + p
	in checkMand origin 0


And here's how you turn it inside-out:

let polarTransform xf = toPolar >> xf >> fromPolar

//a Transform is a function that takes an image function and returns a new image function
//so F# type is (Point -> 'a) -> Point -> 'a  
let radialInvert = 
    let invert (r, th) = ( 1.0/r, th ) in
    transformImage (polarTransform invert)


See Also: ExampleImages; Sliders

Inspired by
Similarly inspired by Conal Elliot, Ken Peril, etc, and with an 'interesting' writing style: - my challenge is to replicate his great example images in F#/PanBrowser - Functional Geometry is only slightly different, and this shows an F# example

Great Graphics sites

Greg Egan - Great hard sci-fi plus graphics demos
Ken Perlin - professor, graphics guru, demo-writer extraordinaire, star!
Craig Ventrella - graphics demos defying explanation
Matrix Ping Pong - so cool, i trust you've seen it already - Visualisation scripting with great examples

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